A unique combination of two Czech brands that symbolizes the love of craft, but also the trend of sustainability. The themed photo shoot focuses on combining the culinary art of Petr Bartos with our glass products, such as the new Royal Marika bowl collection.

The use of glass and the establishment of cooperation with Czech glass artists is becoming quite common in fine dining restaurants in the Czech Republic," says Petr Bartoš, founder and chef of the unique gastronomic concept KRUH Dining. We decided to focus on the possibility of using individual KLIMCHI products in multiple ways in our cooperation with František. This is what we have done with a bowl from the Royal Marika collection for one of the courses of our tasting menu," says Bartoš.

When designing new products, František Jungvirt emphasizes  with multifunctionality. He wants KLIMCHI products to be more than just ornamental: Let's not surround ourselves with quantity, let's buy one valuable piece that we can serve all day long, that we will be happy to get up with, have lunch with and relax with a tea candle. This is the point of my designs and subsequent dining with modern KLIMCHI glassware. Let's live a better life with Czech glass full of stories and honest work.

Bartoš significantly named his project KRUH, which symbolizes cyclicity and respect for the natural cycle. It focuses on the use of available and ethically responsible resources in the kitchen. The project also reflects the safe space around us, the circle of closest people with whom we share pleasant moments.

KRUH Dining - Petr Bartoš
Location: Galerie Glassimo


KLIMCHI, KRUH, Jungvirt, Linea, Crust, Royal Marika, Blue glassware

Kruh, Royal Marika, Light Green, Petr Bartoš, Rosaline

KLIMCHI, KRUH, Jungvirt, Kugel, Linea, Royal Marika, FelicityKruh, Royal Marika, Light Green, Petr Bartoš, Rosaline, Royal blue

Kruh, Royal Marika, Light Green, Petr Bartoš, Rosaline, Royal blue

Kruh, Royal Marika, Light Green, Petr Bartoš, Rosaline, Royal blue