This summer, we want to take all of you on a picnic. We found the perfect meadow and did our best to draw you into that moment. Take a look at who helped us, and let’s escape to the countryside together.


First, we reached out to TONAK, one of the biggest and most influential global headwear manufacturers, based in the Czech Republic like KLIMCHI. They kindly lent us beautiful hats from their portfolio, so we could have the perfect summer picnic aesthetic. Together with the summer dresses, our models looked stunning.

The hats were so fashionable even the jugs wanted to try them on! What do you think? Do they suit?


The goal was to feel the summer heat, atmosphere, and even the scent from the photos. We picked out glassware in the colours of summer: amber, bronze, and crystal. But we were missing one essential thing—no picnic can call itself a picnic without a proper basket. For this, we contacted Potten&Pannen, a Czech company offering household equipment for cooking and dining.

The final results are even prettier than the set! We have so much more photos to show you. Make sure to follow us on our Instagram to see more.