Get to Know: @homeinheidelberg - A Journey of Style and Inspiration

Instagram is a marvelous platform where you can meet and get to know amazing and talented people. One such connection we've made is with Home in Heidelberg Studio, run by Danilo Floreani and Paolo Amerio. We discovered a shared passion for interior design and began collaborating. Danilo and Paolo described it as love at first sight! In their own words:

"The decision to collaborate together came directly, almost as an urgency to discover more about your world and vision, and to translate it into our way of perceiving setting & styling. Since then, we can't show off your pieces enough - they are too beautiful not to share with our community."

They have created many lovely and stunning settings featuring our glassware in their beautiful home, posted on their Instagram profile. They graciously agreed to a brief interview, and we are thrilled to present their photographs along with our conversation.

The very first post with our glassware on their Instagram may be familiar to you. Danilo and Paolo created a spring tablescape which charmed us completely!

The Interview

Our first question was about their interior style. How would you describe it and where did you find it?

Danilo and Paolo: "Our apartment serves as a neutral but refined scenic backdrop, capable of accommodating any type of product and furniture. We strive for detailed beauty, pure balance, and impalpable harmony, with the intention of capturing the hidden poetry of the space and revealing its profound essence. Our interior style isn’t easy to label: although our base finds its roots in Scandinavian Design, colors are extremely dear to us as they reflect the 'joie de vivre' (a French phrase meaning 'joy of living') that is our motto as individuals and as a couple."

Which design piece is your all-time favorite? Which one do you have on your wishlist? Which one is the least favorite?

Danilo and Paolo: "There are some exceptional pieces that are extremely dear to us:

A large painting on canvas by the Japanese artist Mitsuko Hoshino. It's a piece of art resulting from a pictorial language that flows into delicate poetry; a dialogue of nuances, shapes, and research that can only leave you stunned, amazed, and enchanted. We’ve been in close contact with @mitsuko_hoshino for a few years now, visiting her exhibitions, discussing her work, and witnessing her vision and process of creating art. From the very first moment, we were captivated by her delicate and flawless language, majestic yet humble and silent, capable of speaking to the heart and vibrating harmoniously in depth. We spotted 'Wisteria' hanging in Mitsuko’s private home hallway a couple of years ago, and since then we’ve been dreaming about it. After our apartment renovation, we forced ourselves to be patient and wait for the right furniture, decorations, and art pieces to arrive. Looking back, we are infinitely grateful for having waited, because now every novelty takes on an ever-renewing importance and makes us enjoy the wonder of waiting.

CHI / tre - pendants by Lieblingslicht
We bought these lights even before buying our flat, and they remained in their box for over a year before being hung. It was love at first sight, and we absolutely couldn’t resist them. The three glass spheres are positioned at different heights, shining on each other and enhancing the charming play of light of the luminaires. They give such a warm and cozy atmosphere to our living room, remaining discreet and soft yet distinctive and sculptural.

Ribbon - dining table by
Our large dining table, made of massive white-oiled oak, can host up to 12 people. We bought this spacious table because its Scandinavian aesthetic perfectly matches our plain kitchen, and its pure lines enhance elegance and design without obscuring the details and furniture next to it. Dining with friends at home is always the most wonderful fest, and the kitchen is surely the room we use most when gathering with the people we love.


On our wishlist, there is surely the Quelle Fête Classique by Rotganzen - simply a pop art work.

We don’t have a least favorite piece: even if some pieces are hidden away in cupboards, they are still very dear to us because of their story and the memories they bring."

What advice would you give to our readers about finding their style?

Danilo and Paolo: "Play, rearrange, try out… And start over again. Read books and magazines, go see exhibitions, watch movies, visit different venues - everything can serve as a source of inspiration to find the style that perfectly reflects who you are."

Who inspires you, who do you follow for ideas?

Danilo and Paolo: "We constantly keep ourselves up to date with the newest trends and products via online magazines, interior design books, and scrolling through IG. We get our inspiration from various sources such as museums, exhibitions, shops, travels, fairs, movies, books, and so on. Nature plays a big part in how we perceive interior design: the different seasons mark the ever-changing way we look at details, trying to let the essence of passing time shine through and recreating this feeling in every corner of our home."

Huge thanks to the guys behind @homeinheidelberg for the interview. Make sure to follow their Instagram to see more of their work!
Photographed by   Danilo Floreani